When is enough enough?

It’s been nearly 2 years, over 5.7 Million dead worldwide and over 900K dead in the United States alone. Fatigued & frustrated are words that just don’t feel like they capture the truth of this moment.

Almost two-thirds of the US population has been fully vaccinated, and in total only slightly more than half of the total global population. While there are outlier nations which have had hurdles to producing vaccines and there have been efforts made to get them up to speed, the bulk of the unvaccinated are simply not will to vaccinate, they don’t care about the consequences of their actions. They don’t care because they don’t take it seriously. More dangerous than that are those who don’t believe that there is even a virus at all, but that this is all some false flag operation to try and control the population. So why do the majority, those of us who believe the science, and want to end this continuing to take steps to try and protect people who don’t want to be protected?

There is one solutions I see to all of this, and it’s really quite simple. We stop. We stop going out of our way to wear masks around others in crowds, because if we have been fully vaccinated, or vaccinated and had a breakthrough infection, etc, our bodies are more than capable of protecting ourselves now. Who is at risk, those who refused to get a shot, or do the bare minimum for their communities. The truth is, all of these people who have declined vaccination should be refused medical treatment, they made their bed, they can lay in it. Mandate that the unvaccinated may no longer engage in public events, enter public buildings, grocery or department stores, they can get curbside pick up and delivery for their basic needs. They don’t HAVE to go into a store. They have elected to remove themselves from society, so let’s help them out the door. If the unvaccinated want back into society, they can step up and do their part for their community and their fellow human beings by getting vaccinated.

If an unvaccinated person attempts to force their way into any of the venues or establishments from which they are barred, they may be arrested and incarcerated for not less than the minimum self isolation period and must test negative. If they test positive they will be charged with reckless endangerment. If a person is infected by an unvaccinated individual and they die, the offending party can be charged with manslaughter. If a parents children die of COVID, and they weren’t vaccinated because the parents were too busy being asshats, guess what, child neglect and murder. This isn’t rocket science. We can no longer shoulder the burden of protecting those who simply do not care to participate in society in a reasonable way.

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