New Servers – New Posibilities

I recently changed the servers for my life. I left CH Robinson, where I had been working for the past 8 years and uploaded my self to a new company, DreamCo Design.

I am officially working in the Web and Marketing fields, having started my new job as a customer liaison and web administrator.

My new job affords me a life with less stress, less headaches, and greater livelihood. As I continue to transition into the next stage of my life as a soon to be husband to my wonderful fiancé and amazing partner Zach.

I appreciate all that my former profession taught me, the skills I developed and grew in that time, but it was just time to move on to newer frontiers, and opportunities.

Oh, and I moved the site off my old servers and onto new ones. LOL

Welcome to 2.0, now hosted by my company on our own servers space.

Check out DreamCo Design, and if you need a new website, or app, or just a new place to host your existing site(s), keep us in mind.