Logical Family

What is Logical Family?

Coined by the fabulous author, Armistead Maupin, Logical Family is a play on words from “Biological Family”.

Author Armistead Maupin (L) and Spouse, Christopher Turner (R)

Your biological family, as you no doubt already understand, are those people you are related to through genetics. You don’t have a say in who these people are, you are literally born to this family. But that doesn’t mean these people are the ones who will be your support system in life. You can’t always count on having a good biological family. This is where logical family comes in.

Your logical family, are those close friends, your partner(s), your spouse, the people you choose to develop relationships with in your life. These are the people you can count on when things get tough. They are there to help you, sometimes just with a shoulder to cry on, or an ear to listen when you need it. They are the people that choose you as much as you choose them.

Some people are lucky and they find logical family within their biological family. I have very little of that in my life. My biological family and I are not on great terms. We have different values, and beliefs. I cannot spend a great deal of time in their company without finding myself becoming the worst version of myself.

My husband has a great deal of fortune however in his biological family with finding logical family there too. His family is warm, loving, and supportive. They have welcomed me in with open arms and I have embraced them in kind. I have found logical family with not only my husband, but his biological family as well.

Look around you, who do you turn to when you need support, who is the first and last person you think of in each day with warmth, good chance that is your logical family.

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